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Meet Smokey...

Mature Female,

Grey & White,

Domestic Short Hair

A big girl with an even bigger heart.  When we heard Smokey’s story we knew we had to be a page in her chapter.  Smokey had been taken care of by a gentleman outside for most of her life.  Based off her temperament, he knew that she had to have been dumped.  After the gentleman passed recently, his wife had to move away and couldn’t bear to leave Smokey behind.  We found a spay scar which confirmed, she was a house pet at some point.  An immaculate cat, living most of her life outside, brought us to tears.  Now we need to make sure her senior years are safe and filled with warmth and love.  Smokey is incredibly vocal, her voice often surprising those who don’t know her well.  All Smokey wants is love and attention. She’s the definition of a companion cat, loyal and gentle mannered.

DATE OF BIRTH:  5/31/2013

Come meet Smokey today!

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