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Meet Kirby...

Mature Adult Male,

Grey & White,

Domestic Short Hair

We’d love for you to find something more pure than Kirby’s love.  Kirby was found at a barn in extremely poor shape.  Our vet determined that he must have been locked up somewhere for an extended period of time.  It took a lot of love and patience to show Kirby that we had nothing to offer but admiration, and once he no longer saw us as a threat be blossomed into a cat we never expected.  Kirby is so outgoing.  He craves nothing more than a human to be by his side at all times.  He is just grateful and wants to show it in any way possible.  Kirby loooves love, hugs and kisses.  We see how interested he is in befriending every and any cat.  Companionship is Kirby’s biggest asset.  Whoever decides to open their heart and home to Kirby is the luckiest family in the world. 

DATE OF BIRTH:  8/29/2016

Come meet Kirby today!

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