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Meet Wonder...

Female Kitten,

Black & White,

Domestic Short Hair

We wanted to name her something that suited her experiences. How could such a young cat be so shut down and unwilling to trust? We can’t blame Wonder for being cautious of love after being abandoned in a urine-soaked carrier. Wonder fitted a cat that could never tell us about her let downs, but we were so willing to fight for her trust. She’s made incredible strides since entering our adoption room and continues to prosper every day. Wonder seems to really love the company of other cats and gets so excited when one gives her an ounce of attention. Once cracking her initial hard shell, she turns into a never-ending purring machine. Belly rubs are surprisingly her soft spot. The perfect home for Wonder would be someone sympathetic to her past and willing to put in the effort she deserves. Once staring into her unworldly gold eyes, it’ll be difficult not to see right into her soul.

DATE OF BIRTH:  8/23/2023

Come meet Wonder today!

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