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Meet Stormy...

Prime Adult Female,

Grey Tabby & White

Domestic Short Hair

Stormy’s name matches her big attitude.  Don’t be fooled by her petite stature.  Stormy wholeheartedly likes to spend her time alone.  You can often find her cuddled up on the cat tree minding her own business. Stormy is an independent cat, so if you’re looking for a little friend to have around the house that pays you no mind - stormy is the girl for you!  People we admit, may not be her favorite, but we know there’s someone special out there that has the love and patience that she needs.  Stormy at almost four years old, has been with us most of her life.  Change of environment is important for a cats growth!

DATE OF BIRTH: 5/15/2018

Come meet Stormy today!

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